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Holiday Romance For Muldoon!


DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin) is kicking off the holiday season right this weekend in UP TV's new original, Christmas In Palm Springs. "It's about a New York family that's in trouble — my wife, played by Dina Meyer, and I have grown apart and are following our own dreams, but the children are in the middle and still see the love between us," he reveals. "So when my wife has business in Palm Springs and I have a meeting in Los Angeles, the kids conspire [for us to meet up]."

Add in a little Christmas magic from Gabriel (Bill Cobbs) the all-knowing hotel concierge and some wild chemistry between Muldoon and Meyer, and the result is a thoroughly entertaining picture. "Dina and I have known each other since doing Starship Troopers together back in 1997," Muldoon confides. "And as much as Dina is beautiful, she's also tough. We've always had this very funny, competitive banter between us and we couldn't help but bring that to our scenes [in this film]."

Muldoon's character is a theater director whose talk-to is also sure to make viewers grin. "Ian Ziering (BEVERLY HILLS 90210; Cameron, GUIDING LIGHT) plays my hustling agent/dear friend who knows what's going on with the family — he's so great in this movie," Muldoon reveals, adding that another pleasant surprise is in store. "The film also marks my first time singing on television. My character does a rock 'n' roll serenade to his wife at the end!" Don't miss the premiere of this uplifting tale on Sunday, November 23, at 7:00 p.m. ET on UP TV.

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Y&R Recap: Nick Befriends Adam's New Enemy!


Billy and Chelsea agreed that they each had significant emotional hurdles to jump, but said that they loved one another and wanted to be together. Jack and Phyllis' engagement party was a major bust, largely because half the guests had to head over to Victor's for a party being held in Nick's honor. But Nick proved that every party really does have a pooper by skipping out on his own bash. Why? Because, having taken his conversation with Grace to heart, he wanted to spend a little time getting his head screwed on straight. To that end, he headed to a cabin in the woods, where he quickly befriended a seemingly stray dog. That pup, however, turned out to be Bugatti, a.k.a. Gabriel's beloved pet! Unfortunately for Adam, Bugatti seemed to immediately sense that the man pretending to be his master was not the real deal!

With Ashley became the latest person to warn Jack that the whole balancing-two-women-at-once thing was going to blow up in his face. Apparently finally listening, he went straight from his engagement party to the GCAC, where he uttered today's massive understatement to Kelly: "We need to talk!"

Will Jack finally tell Kelly the truth... or is he going to wind up stalling yet again? Will Gabriel's cute puppy be Adam's undoing? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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B&B Recap: Eric Calls Rick Out!


Rick was furious when orders for the wildly-overpriced line came pouring in. Overhearing Rick's reaction and realizing he'd attempted to sabotage the line, Eric lost his... let's go with cool. When Maya tried to chime in, Eric put her in her place (meaning on the other side of the office door), then lashed into his son. "You're married to a designer and sleeping with a model," shouted Eric. And while some folks might think, "Huh, that doesn't sound so bad," Eric's point was that his son was making a fool of himself and throwing away a fantastic marriage. When Rick still didn't see the problem, Eric decided to play hardball by saying, in essence, "Maya or the job... you can't have both!"

Exiled from the room in which the big boys were playing, Maya tried getting herself some media attention only to be snubbed by the press. Laughing, Carter said it was "almost as if they have no idea how big and important you are!" When Maya insisted she was living a fairy tale, Carter suggested otherwise. "And you're Cinderella at the ball?" he asked. "Be careful Maya. It might turn out that you're just the stepsister trying to cram her foot into Caroline's shoe." Even as Eric was pushing his son to reunite with Caroline, the blonde was admitting to Ridge that she had fallen for him! Which made it the perfect time for Rick to enter and declare to his wife, "I need you. Could you please forgive me?"

Do you think Rick is sincere... or trying to save his job? Is Maya headed for a fall? Can Caroline forgive Rick, or is she destined to be with Ridge? Hit the comments and let us know what you think will happen!

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Y&R Recap: Victor Calls Out Maureen!


Victoria's hospital room was hopping as various people swung by to see the new baby, including Victor, Nikki and both of the newborn's potential babydaddies. Given that Victor thinks his daughter should raise the baby solo, Billy had the zinger of the day when he responded, "The Gospel according to Victor Newman, including miraculous conception, no father required!" But it was a visit from Nick that helped the new mom realize it was past time for her to find out who fathered her child.

Speaking of Nick, he very nearly had sex with a more-than-willing Grace, but at the last moment realized he needed to re-examine his choices when it came to women and relationships. "Don't you think," responded Grace, "you could have waited to have this revelation until after we'd had great sex, maybe?" Maureen was just about to spill the beans about Victor's drinking when Victor ripped into Stitch's mom for having put Victoria and the baby in danger. In typical Victor fashion, he threatened to be Maureen's "worst nightmare!" Not surprisingly, when Stitch later swung by to check on his mom, her hospital bed was empty!

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B&B Recap: Caroline & Ridge's Triumph!


At the fashion show preview, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Gloria swung by and caught up with her pal Eric. (Anybody else feel Stephanie rolling over in her grave and think, "Yes! Pair Eric and Gloria up and let the fun begin!"?) As expected, Gloria commented on the price of the gowns, saying they gave her "sticker shock." But once the show began, everyone was wowed by the designs. Watching from backstage, Caroline was thrilled... and wondered where her design partner was. Well, where Ridge was was up on the roof, getting the crap beaten out of him by Bill! When not exchanging punches, they traded barbs, but it seemed pretty clear that Bill emerged the victor. Before strutting away, he told Ridge to stay away from Caroline, saying that if the dressmaker hurt her or Katie, and you have to picture him saying this Terminator style, "I'll be back!"

As Maya prepared to walk the runway in the showstopper, Caroline made it clear that she was the designer and Rick's mistress was basically a hanger with legs. (Even the other models seemed to give Maya a bit of stank face before the show began! And it was kind of awesome when Rick pointed out to Maya, who clearly wanted to hear what a fantastic job she'd done, that the designs probably had at least something to do with the show being a hit.) When it came time for the designers to greet their adoring public, Ridge — being all battered and bruised — sent Caroline to represent both of them. When she returned from her moment in the spotlight, Ridge declared, "I couldn't be more proud. We did this together. Hand in hand." And then took her hand as she got all googly eyed and Rick glared from the sidelines.

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Deck The Deidre Hall(s) This Holiday!


DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Deidre Hall (Marlena) would like to invite you to attend Hell In A Handbag's annual holiday benefit, this year entitled A Very Special Rudolph. The actress will be participating in the evening's festivities and performing in Rudolph The Red-Hosed Reindeer, a satirical take on the classic Rudolph tale alongside the regular Handbag actors.

The event, to be held on Sunday, December 7, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Dank Haus German American Cultural Center in Chicago, will also feature food and drink, a raffle and both silent and live auctions. A variety of tickets are available at or by calling (800) 838-3006, and the higher-priced options also include a chance to meet and take a photo with Hall herself! (Plus, a portion of those ticket sales will go to Wounded Warriors Project, a charity close to the actress' heart.)

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Y&R Recap: Things Get Ugly Between Nick & Sharon!


A heated conversation with Avery left Sharon realizing she needed to find a lawyer, pronto, because Nick was going to pursue custody of Faith. Crossing paths with Dylan, Sharon expected that he'd jump aboard the bus under which everyone in town seemed to want her thrown, but he was surprisingly sweet and supportive. Moments later, however, she had another conversation with Nick, who said that if she thought for even a second that he had any love left in his heart, she was crazier than she'd ever been! Forewarned being forearmed, Sharon called David Sherman and asked him to represent her in the coming fight. Drowning his sorrow with free drinks (the joy of owning a bar... um, and being rich), Nick looked up when someone entered and wondered why the mystery person was there.

Having overheard Avery and Joe talking about the kiss he'd planted on her, Dylan warned his rival that he'd made things personal. Michael met with a new doctor, but refused to allow Kevin to stand by his side in support. Both dealing with family issues, Kevin and Mariah bonded over coffee. Michael and Lauren later got together at the GCAC, where she questioned exactly why he had been so randy of late. (Our advice... um, sit back and enjoy it, honey!)

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B&B Recap: Bill Punches Ridge!


As the fashion preview was about to begin, Ridge got still more notes from Rick. When Ridge stormed into Rick's office, Maya was, of course, there to butt into the resulting argument. (Sidenote: Maya told Rick that she was nervous, having never done a couture show before. So for those paying attention, Rick made a couture fashion house's lead model someone who has never done a single couture show. Brilliant move, dude!) The more Maya spoke, the more Ridge fumed. When she finally left to get ready for the fashion show, Ridge snarkily said, "You go ahead and break a leg!" Ridge begged Rick not to throw away what he has with Caroline, but his efforts were for naught. In the end, Ridge asked that Rick give Caroline five minutes after the show. "Let her have her say," he begged. "You owe that to her. You owe it to yourself."

Bill talked to Caroline to get his niece's side of the story. "I really want to understand how much Forrester took advantage of my daughter," said Bill, realizing he'd made a bit of a Freudian slip and adding, "my niece." Caroline tried talking her uncle down, but he declared, "You may have married Rick, but you are a Spencer," and that meant Ridge wasn't going to get away with having used her. Tracking Ridge down, Bill declared, "We've got some business." Labeling Ridge a predator who uses-and-abuses women, Bill warned him to stay away from Caroline. When Ridge suggested that Bill might be at least in part responsible for the mess given that he had Ridge dumped from a helicopter, Bill all but laughed in his face. "Will you stop freakin' crying about that?" Bill said before proving his intention to protect both Caroline and Katie by slugging Ridge!

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Y&R Recap: Colin Blackmails Devon!


Having caught Devon smooching Hilary, Colin demanded $2 million to keep his trap shut. Conveniently enough, Neil arrived and thought the scoundrel should join them all for dinner! Word spread about Victoria having had the baby, and everyone was thrilled. Heck, even Victor was relatively supportive (when not trash-talking Billy, of course). Nikki pointed out that either Stitch or Billy would be forever tied to Victoria, but Victor declared neither man was worthy. Victoria's doctor suggested it was time to answer the big question: Who's the daddy? Jack seemed ready to tell Kelly about his having gotten re-engaged to Phyllis (although he probably wasn't going to mention the whole "and-we-celebrated-by-having-sex" thing), but she was called away to deal with her mom's medical crisis.

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B&B Recap: Katie Unleashes Bill On Ridge!


Eric and Rick agreed that Ridge and Caroline's designs were downright gorgeous. In fact, Rick suggested they should sell for about as much as a two-bedroom condo in Brentwood. Ridge, of course, immediately realized that Rick was trying to sabotage the line. Caroline begged Rick to get past his anger and work on their marriage, but he wasn't much interested in doing that. Katie and Bill had a nice catch-up session, during which she filled him in on everything that had been going on in her life. You know, stuff like "the baby is fine" and "my husband-to-be seduced your niece for his own purposes." Needless to say, Bill did not take that last development particularly well. In fact, Bill stormed right over to Forrester so he could confront "the Sultan of chiffon." It just so happened that he arrived in time to find Ridge comforting Caroline with a hug, setting the stage for an explosive confrontation... and today's cliffhanger!

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